To the Black Sea – Episode 3

Finn and Tereza trailering their boat JILL to Germany

Getting JILL to GermanyWatch Now
With no car, Finn and Tereza have to figure out how to get their boat to Mainz, Germany. With all their supplies (and a guitar) aboard JILL, their goal was to get her in the water and spend their first night under the open sky.

To the Black Sea – Episode 2

Finn and Tereza finishing their boat - To the Black Sea Episode 2

Finn and Tereza Finish Their BoatWatch Now
JILL, the boat Finn and Tereza have been building for their journey across Europe to Russia, is still not finished. Watch this video to see the challenges finishing JILL and the final stages of the pre-trip preparations.

To the Black Sea – Episode 1

Travel to the Black Sea - Episode 1

Introduction to Finn and Tereza’s AdventureWatch Now
While students at Brockwood Park School in Hampshire, UK, Finn Cameron-Turner and Tereza Deminova, both 17, built a 16’ Matinicus double ender. They’ll cross Europe on inland waterways, the last of which, the Danube, will deliver them to the Black Sea.

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