Welcome to the MUSTELID Venture.

Dave and Anke are a couple of sailors in the Southeast Alaskan archipelago. They live aboard and sail self-built vessels, engine free, for extended periods (up to years at a time) in the remote stretches between towns, living substantially on foraged food, fuel, and materials.

“But we’re getting older,” says Dave. “We envision a more easily handled vessel to complement our more demanding sailing home, to keep us on the water longer.“ So, starting from scratch, they invite you to join them, in this video series, to observe the whole process of conceiving and building a new boat, from identifying needs and purposes, through brainstorming and design, construction and launch, outfit, rig and sea trials—and, eventually, a first voyage.

In this, the first installment, they introduce us to who they are, how they live, and what they propose in a boat.

In this series, Parts 1 – 6 will focus on the boat, MUSTELID. In Parts 7 – 15, Dave and Anke row and sail their way around Chichagof Island—and then some.