To the Black Sea – Episode 16

In this final video of their series, Finn and Teresa are at their journey’s end: Constanta, a Romanian port on the west coast of the Black Sea. With their boat covered and strapped on a trailer and ready for the return trip to England, the young adventurers reflect on the three months they spent crossing . . .

To the Black Sea – Episode 15

A Beautiful Day on the Black Sea:Watch Now
The final week on the Danube brought Finn and Teresa to a short-cut to the Black Sea. Small boats aren’t allowed on the 40-mile-long canal, so they hitched a ride aboard a cargo-carrying motor barge. Join them for their last miles as they relaunch JILL at the end of the canal and row on the Black Sea under sunny skies.

To the Black Sea – Episode 14

Ukrainian Merchantman Comes to the Rescue:Watch Now
Joined by a schoolmate for the lower Danube River through Bulgaria and Romania, Finn and Tereza, draw near the Black Sea. One last barrier stands in their way-a canal that doesn’t welcome small boats. Watch as a Ukrainian merchantman comes to the rescue.

To the Black Sea – Episode 13

being towed by a barge in a little boat

Towed Alongside a Barge Doing 7 Knots:Watch Now
Still descending the Danube, Finn and Tereza found the going slow on a stretch of the river between Serbia and Romania. Rather than struggle for meager miles against a headwind, they did what any resourceful wayfarer would do: stick out a thumb and hitch a ride.

To the Black Sea – Episode 12

To the Black Sea Episode 12 Through the Iron Gates

Tacking Downstream Through the Iron Gates:Watch Now
Finn and Tereza enter the Iron Gates where the Danube passes between ranges in Serbia and Romania. Funneling between the steep slopes, the wind is often on the nose. Watch as they tack downstream under a reefed sail.

To the Black Sea – Episode 11

Entering Croatia, Two Months Into Their Journey: – – Watch Now
The Danube carries Finn and Tereza through Croatia to Serbia and a stop at Belgrade. Fall brings shorter days, nearly freezing nights, and rain. See how they’re holding up two months into the voyage.

To the Black Sea – Episode 10

Cold Weather, Beach Camping and Strong Winds:Watch Now
Finn and Tereza make their way across Hungary, and visit the capital city of Budapest. There they pick up a crewmate, Karl, and carry on down the Danube. Get ready for some wild river sailing!

To the Black Sea – Episode 9

Navigating the Constantly Changing River:Watch Now
In Slovakia, Finn and Tereza have to get chaperoned by a cargo vessel to be allowed through one of the larger locks, but in the wider parts of the Danube they get some sea room and a breeze. Watch JILL spread her wings and fly.

To the Black Sea – Episode 8

Danube river as To the Black Sea continues

Riding the Current Through the Final Days of Summer.Watch Now
The Danube’s gentle current carries Jill along and the miles come easily for Tereza and Finn. Check out the lush landscapes and elegant urban architecture of Germany and Austria in their latest video.

To the Black Sea – Episode 7

It’s all Downhill (River) From HereWatch Now
Finn and Teresa continue eastward on the Main-Donau Canal, taking lock aft lock the geographical high point of the voyage. While it was all “downhill” from there to the Danube, their video conveys a grand adventure.

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