In this episode, take a look over our shoulders at the building and launching of MUSTELID. Each boatbuilding project has its own challenges of time, space, contextual, and financial constraints. Paper is cheap, but it can sail us no farther than can our armchair. To get on the water, we must build.

We are “low-road” builders. We meet challenges armed with a small box of mostly hand-tools. We’re handy, but not masters of craft. We’re shoe-string operators and scavengers but debt-free and able to budget. We benefit from modern, gap-filling adhesives but favor lower-tech and common materials. We build simple and robust structures, but let handsome be as handsome does.

Who builds their own vessel must be able to persist. Heads down, put-in-the-time persistence that plods on and around every obstacle. As you’ll see, we are living proof that success is in reach of those who persist.