At this point, Dave and Anke have an inkling of what they want in their new boat. “Over the years,” says Dave, “we’ve collected quite a number of quirky ideas… the kind that could be great, or might crack the pot. Each one requires a real-life platform for testing and tinkering. So many ideas; so little time.

“These ideas have gone into the mental stew-pot and…well… stewed. Other ideas have mellowed and blended and complemented one another. But years have thundered by, and it’s time to serve up the stew or abstain from it.”

In this episode, Dave and Anke serve up the stew. They present their influences on the design of their new hull. From these influences, they draw ideas and innovations, run them through a filter of perceived wishes, needs, and constraints, then simmer it all down to a design plan. Likewise, they look at the concepts behind their outfit and rigging choices.