C’mon aboard… let’s tip a cup o’ kindness!

Here’s a look at our living arrangements when we’re aboard for extended periods. The cabin accommodations include heating, sleeping, food preparation, lounging, work, and play—and for foraging for the food, fuel, and materials that extend our provisions.

One thing that turned out hard to show, even in video, is the amazing feel of a cabin of this sort. Picture sitting at ease on a cushioned sheet of plywood. Add backrests below, and full-length windows on either side. Roof it over with pleasant clearance, and even more along the hatched-over, midship gangway. You are warm. You are dry. A meal’s savory fragrance suffuses the cabin. Cue your favorite music. Look about at the lovely vista opening around you from kayaker vantage.

Wait. Aren’t we supposed to be roughing it?

This Part wraps up our focus on the boat. Next we go venturing!