We made it! You made it!! Six hundred nautical miles later—a conservative estimate—we’d like to sit down with you and take a look back.

How did this rowing sailing contraption of ours work out? What went well? What would we do differently? Are we still on speaking terms? What’s the take-away?

Well, there is a moral of sorts.

We’re not the brightest bulbs, the best builders, the best sailors. We’re neither tough nor intrepid nor especially courageous. What is it that gets and keeps us on the water—limitations notwithstanding—vessel after vessel, year after year?

Dreams. Determination. Persistence.

We all have dreams. Once we determine to pursue them, we are determined. If we persist, one measly step at a time, we will look back to find that we have the persistence we need.

It’s nothing special. It’s within our reach, one and all.

Come all o’ ye Dreamers!