Sometimes it’s hard to know if we’re inventing or re-inventing the wheel. Or, before we try what we’ve built, whether we’re even holding a wheel in our hands.

In this episode we take a tour of MUSTELID’s outfit. Much of this has never been tried, to our knowledge. Some has, at least in principle, but we’ve “dumbed it down.” Some is tried-and-true but not in our context or in conjunction with other items. But it must work, or be culled. There’s no space for laggards!

We’re aiming for a handful of qualities in construction, stowage, and use:

  • Simplicity: It must be clever, but not too clever.
  • Flexibility: The more roles it can fill, the merrier.
  • Modularity: Interchangeable, reconfigurable, and redundant.
  • Synergy: Parts that work together.

And the further challenge of sea-trials lie yet ahead.

Phil Bolger once commented that he had abandoned a design due to the sheer number of untried features it involved. We’re not that wise.