Cruisers with any sense at all would call this a fine adventure and head home.

After all, it’s late in the year. Equinoctal gales are uncharacteristically late. But when they do arrive, they’re only the warning shot across the bow, presaging autumnal storms. And that’s just regional weather.

Lynn Canal, the largest fjord in North America, has a reputation. It squeezes between two jagged mountain ranges, funneling and amplifying wind and water flows between them over a four-fathom range of tide. Ocean-born lows vie with Canadian interior highs.

That is to say, the wind do blow.

But we’ve been having such a great time! We hear news of a family gathering up that way, and we’re invited. It’s only 60 nautical miles distant. It’s really been unseasonably mild, right? And we know the ground. Probably sailed it a dozen times. If need be, we can duck down.

So, wait… we’re gonna do what?