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Paul Gartside’s 17′ Runabout and Joel White’s 7′ 7″ Nutshell pram are featured in this issue’s Boat Profiles. Tom Pamperin and his brother explore the intricate coast of Ontario’s Georgian Bay. Kent and Audrey Lewis share their tips on caring for sails to give them a long life and our review of Shurhold’s Moldaway tests its ability to remove stains from sailcloth. Sybren’s brass-and boxwood 2′ folding ruler is a useful tool even 170 years after it was first introduced. Our Reader Built Boat came into being on an assertion that boatbuilding is good for mental health; our editor recalls a moment when boatbuilding was not so salubrious.


Like a moth to a flame

Building a boat off the grid in the early ‘80s called for some unusual methods of powering tools and illuminating the work. Some worked better than others.

A 17′ Outboard Runabout

Paul Gartside's Design #221

Paul Gartside’s Design #221 is an outboard-powered runabout with the look of a classic but more easily built using lapstrake-plywood or strip-plank construction.


Joel White's little packet

The 7′ 7” Nutshell Pram was designed by Joel White to row easily, tow well, and be fun to sail. All of the planks for the glued-lapstrake plywood construction can be cut from 8’ sheets of plywood.

A Week on Georgian Bay

Thirty thousand islands, two small boats

On another sail-and-oar cruise of Ontario’s Georgian Bay, Tom Pamperin and his brother explore the islands clustered along the coast and the narrow, rocky inland waterways of the French River Delta.

Sail Care

Offseason maintenance for small-boat sails

Sails get you where you want to go without burning gasoline or calories and deserve to be treated kindly to give them a long and useful life.


A mold, mildew, and organic stain remover

After years of use and occasional abuse, sails can show their age. Shurhold’s Moldaway removes mildew, mold, and other organic stains without harming the sailcloth.

An Old-School Folding Ruler

A pocket yardstick in brass and basswood

The brass-and-basswood folding ruler first gained favor among boatbuilders when it was introduced in 1851. Kent Lewis found it came in handy for building the new addition to his fleet of small boats.


A project for the pandemic

Most serial boatbuilders don’t really need another boat, they just need an excuse to build one. The pandemic provided just that for Gary Hardy of Melbourne, Australia: building a Skerry would be an important mental-health measure during a lockdown.

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