November 2021 Archives - Small Boats Magazine

For our Boat Profiles we get aboard the plywood Deblois Street Dory Clint Chase designed in 2013 and a fiberglass production Devon Scaffie, designed by John Watkinson in 1978. Another step back in time takes us into the story of a teenager building a Popular Mechanics runabout in 1962. Reuel Parker shares his drop-center sawhorse, an ideal support for working on small boats and our editor shows how to make a better roller support for your table saw. For canoes and kayaks that are too heavy for you to lift solo to a vehicle’s roof racks, a hitch-mounted loader cuts the weight you lift in half. Our Reader Built Boat is a Monk-designed skiff with a unique homemade peal drive with twin props, and our editor recalls a kayak he built for cruising only to put it away after the first sea trial.