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Our editor traces the history of a lapstrake canoe he built in 1988, while Tom Pamperin takes us on a short cruise on a Wisconsin Reservoir. In our Boat Profiles take a close look at a Hilary Russell skin-on-frame canoe and a lapstrake skiff for sail, oar, and outboard from François Vivier. We examine how you can use a very small cove or inlet for a peaceful anchorage by stretching a long line across it. Our reviews feature knee pads for sailing dinghies and tie-downs for cars that are built without them. And a couple from Brittany share their elegantly appointed Escargot Canal Cruiser.

Father’s Day

In 1988, our editor built a tandem lapstrake canoe to a century-old design with a 2,300-mile cruise down the Missouri River in mind. That voyage never happened, but a 12-mile outing with his son was reward enough for having built the canoe.

Morbic 12

A versatile lapstrake dinghy

Inspired by the workboats of France’s Atlantic Coast, François Vivier designed the Morbic 12 to have the look of a classic, use contemporary plywood construction, and be powered by oars, sail, and outboard.

Solo Carry

A skin-on-frame double-paddle canoe

A canoe that weighs 25 lbs or less almost begs to be put on the roof racks and taken to the water. The Solo Carry was designed by Hilary Russell to be built quickly and used often.

Gile Flowage

Working with the wind

The Giles Flowage, a reservoir in northern Wisconsin, can get rather choppy when the wind picks up, but Tom Pamperin wasn’t going to be deterred from taking a weekend getaway there.

Fixed-Clothesline Anchoring

Comfort in close quarters

A small cove might not provide enough room for a boat to swing at anchor, but it can make a worry-free night aboard with a system that keeps the boat precisely located regardless of wind and current.

Sherpak Quick Loops

Handy tie-down anchors from Seattle Sports

Many of today’s cars may have roof racks that can be used to carry canoes and kayaks, but lack tie-down points to keep them from shifting at highway speeds. The Sherpak Quick Loops create those points at hoods and hatches.

Neoprene Knee Pads

Protection without bulk

Small boats can require a lot of kneeling and crawling, and knees can take a beating. Neoprene knee pads designed for dinghy sailing provide protection and comfort without being cumbersome.


Far beyond a floating hut

A couple living on the coast of Brittany had already accumulated a small fleet of boats when they decided to build an Escargot Canal Cruiser designed by Phil Thiel. It would be a boat they enjoyed using even without leaving the dock.

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