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If you’re growing weary of workaday woes, tag along with Tom Pamperin on his escape to the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage in the north woods of Wisconsin. For our Boat Profiles, we take a builder/owner’s look at the Bo-Jest, Glen-L’s power pocket cruiser, and assess the Team Dory from Chesapeake Light Craft. Our test of two extension handles for small outboard motors turned up one that’s a keeper. And Kent Lewis, after using Gill’s Dockhand gloves for a year, reports that they’ve held up well and are well suited to a variety of boating pursuits. On the north coast of Newfoundland, Alf Manuel, a lifelong boatbuilder, shares the inboard-powered skiff he built, working from memory alone, along the lines of the trap skiffs he admired in his youth.


Among his fleet of small boats, our editor has a 130-year-old English river wherry collected decades ago and made rowable once again. The oldest of the boats that he has built is now 40 years old. Will anyone be rowing it a century from now?

Glen-L Bo-Jest

An accommodating 18-footer

Glen-L’s power pocket cruiser, the Bo-Jest, manages to pack comfortable and roomy accommodations into its 18’ x 8’ footprint. There’s standing headroom in the wheelhouse, a 7’-long V-berth in the trunk cabin, and seating for four in the cockpit.

CLC’s Team Dory

For friends and friendly competition

The Team Dory from Chesapeake Light Craft offers clubs an affordable way to get crews of five rowing enthusiasts on the water in safety and in style. The ample freeboard and buoyant hull can take on a bit of rough water and still keep the crew dry.

A Fringe of the Wild

Wisconsin's Turtle-Flambeau Flowage

After an unexpectedly dreary summer, Tom Pamperin drove off with his boat in tow and no clear destination in mind except “away.” He found the restorative “away” he was seeking in the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage of Wisconsin’s north woods.

Long-Reach Clamps

Big jaws with bite

When you have a job to do that’s beyond the reach of the clamps you have, it’s easy enough to make longer clamps. Some scrap lumber, two bits of plywood, a bolt, and a length of cord are all you need.

Gill Deckhand Gloves

Durable protection from Gill

If you enjoy rowing but don’t get out as often as you’d like, you may not be able to put in the time it takes to toughen your hands. Kent Lewis counts on his Deckhand gloves from Gill to keep blisters and hot spots from spoiling his outings.

Outboard Extension Handles

Handi-Mate and HelmsMate

Sitting right next to a small outboard motor, hand on the throttle, isn’t always where you want to be, especially if your weight puts the boat out of trim. With a tiller extension you can move to a better spot.

Alf’s Trap Skiff

60 years in the works

Raised in an island village that has been his family’s home for seven generations, Newfoundlander Alf Manuel was a habitué of the boat shops in his neighborhood and from an early age he was destined to become a skilled boatbuilder. Now 80, he shares with us his trap skiff, an homage to the working boats of his youth.

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