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Small Boats Annual 2011

Editors Page: One Hundred Small Boats, and Counting
“Won’t you eventually run out of boats?” We heard that question more than a few times when we launched Small Boats magazine five years ago. Back then, we had this simple goal: To deliver annually, on the pages of a magazine, a fleet of 20 or more exceptional small craft… Continued on Page 5 of PDF version.

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A traditional daysailer

This 18’ cat-ketch, designed by Connecticut-based naval architect Rob Pittaway for New England’s coastal waters, is equally at home on the Great Lakes or inland waters, under sail, auxiliary outboard power, or oars.

Sailing Surf Dory

Sailing Surf Dory

A great all-around performer from Lowell’s Boat Shop

A comparatively round-sided dory, the Sailing Surf Dory handles well under sail or oars. This boat is a 14-footer, and Lowell’s Boat Shop in Amesbury, Massachusetts, also builds 16’, 18’, and 20’ versions.

Townsend Tern

Townsend Tern

A small cruiser full of ideas and innovations

For a 23’6” boat, the Townsend Tern packs in plenty of the necessities of life for a cruising couple. She is designed to be simple to sail singlehanded, with unstayed carbon-fiber masts that are hinged at the tabernacles to make them easy to lower for trailering.

Small Boat Details

A gallery of ideas to improve your small boat

Small boats provide endless opportunity for innovative thinking. We've prowled the waterfront seeking clever and aesthetically pleasing solutions to some of the common problems posed by small boats: how to rig them, how to move them, how to stow gear aboard them, how to steer them, and how to live comfortably aboard them.

Ocean Pointer skiff

Ocean Pointer

An updated legend

The David Stimson–designed Ocean Pointer, a 19 1⁄2' center-console outboard skiff, stands on the broad shoulders of a long Maine tradition.

Port Townsend Skiff

The PT Skiff

Seakindly and fuel-efficient

The fuel-efficient PT Skiff handles well under a range of conditions and speeds, can carry a load, and moves well with just a 20-hp outboard.

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