December 2022 Archives - Small Boats Magazine

With this December 2022 Small Boats Magazine we present our 100th issue. The North Shore Dory and the Salish Voyager, the subjects of our two boat profiles, are both old designs given new life: a dory built in 1900 had its lines taken for the building of a replica 80 years later, and New Jersey beach skiffs of a similar vintage reemerge as a fiberglass sail-and-oar cruiser. Two good friends with aging joints abandoned ambitious daily mileage goals and better appreciated British Columbia’s Broughton Archipelago. We review rudder hardware for small skiffs and folding food-prep knives for the galley. A sling-lift is an effective way to get small boats off trailers for maintenance. Two couples, alums of the same Texas university, met by chance and built a boat and a friendship.