While I’ve never carried a boathook aboard any of my boats, it’s not because I wouldn’t find one useful. Where space is limited, boathooks—even telescoping ones—are awkward to stow, so I learned to get by without one. For instance, I always approach a dock on its upwind side so I won’t drift away from it; when I can’t sail within arm’s reach to grab something from the water, I’ll make another pass; to push off a rocky beach I’ll use an oar.The Revolve Rollable Boat Hook solves the stowing problem by using a concept you’ve seen in the common measuring tape: the steel tape curves across its width to make itself rigid and yet can curl up along its length. The 6′ Revolve does the same thing with a 4″-wide strip of what its manufacturer, Rolatube, calls “bistable rollable composite.” It appears to be made of a fabric infused with black plastic.

Photographs by the author

For storage, the detachable hook stows inside the rolled-up shaft and the two pieces are kept together in a mesh bag.

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