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A simple plywood solo canoe and a sophisticated cold-molded shoal-draft camp-cruiser are the subjects of this issue’s Boat Profiles; our gear reviews feature a pair of exceptionally loud fog horns and an easy-to-operate tiller tender. Reid Schwartz took a strong interest in birchbark canoes but when he decided to build one for himself, he had to find a way to make one without the bark. Our editor found the bark of birch and cedar trees is wonderful material making thing other than canoes. While most oarlock sockets are cast, there is a way to make them in a modestly equipped home workshop. Our Reader Built Boat comes from a boy with an affection for boats and a penchant for making things.


Beautiful materials from windfalls

While making a birchbark canoe was beyond our editor’s aspirations and abilities, he enjoyed working with bark harvested from downed birch and cedar trees.

Centerboard Lugger

Paul Gartside's Design #166

Paul Gartside’s Design #166, a two-masted lugger, is a satisfying and sometimes challenging project for home boatbuilders, and its shoal draft makes it a versatile sail-outboard-and-oar cruiser.

Hiwassee Wanderer

A simple and affordable solo canoe

The Hiwassee Wanderer from Maddox Boat Works is a stitch-and-glue solo canoe designed for quick construction from three sheets of plywood without the need for building forms.

From Birchbark to Trucker’s Tarp

A traditional canoe with a contemporary twist

One man’s passion for birchbark canoes led him to make his own tools and to handcraft a canoe in a traditional manner but without the bark skin.

DIY Oarlock Sockets

Oilite bearings to reduce wear

There are several good reasons to forgo common cast oarlock sockets when you can make your own of higher quality without special metalworking tools.

WaveFront’s TillerClutch

When the rudder is set to hold the course you want, WaveFront’s TillerClutch can mind the tiller while you tend to other tasks or take a break.

Plastimo Fog Horns

Two fog horns from Plastimo float, aren’t adversely affected by the marine environment, and are impressively loud.


Building a Salt Bay Skiff

Senate Hills has been an enthusiastic and prolific do-it-yourselfer from an early age; TIME–TRAVELER is his first rowing skiff.

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