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Our April-issue Boat Profiles take a close look at the Vermont Dory, a double-ended rowboat from Adirondack Guideboats, and the Carolinian Carolina Skiff, an easy-to-build boat for outboard power from Spira International. Tom Pamperin brings us along on another sail-and-oar cruise, this time to Ontario’s islet-dappled Lake of the Woods. Krenov-style saw horses and variations on the type are our do-it-yourself project this month. The dual-fuel GasOne Mini cannister stove and the NRS Odyssey PFD, with its many pockets for essential gear, are the subjects of our equipment reviews and could be worthwhile additions to your camp-cruising kit. Martin Casey named the Caledonia Yawl he built AUDREY/JAMES, a combination of the first names of his parents and he shares with us the story of his boat and its connection with his dad, a decorated WWII veteran, and his mom, a mother of 10 children. In Seattle, the governor’s state-wide stay-home order allows for outdoor exercise, so our editor practiced social distancing by going rowing.

Social Distancing

Our editor is under a statewide stay-home order, but there’s an exemption for exercise, so he can still go out rowing, as long as he keeps his distance from other people. He was the only one at the launch ramp with a boat and trailer and very much apart from others while at anchor.

Carolinian Carolina Dory

An outboard skiff from Spira

Boats built to plans from Spira International are designed for readily available lumber and plywood and modest woodworking skills. The Carolinian design is no exception and produces an easily driven and versatile outboard skiff.

Vermont Dory

A new guideboat in Kevlar

The Vermont Dory from the Adirondack Guideboat Company was developed to build upon the capabilities of the guideboats used in the Northeast since the 1800s. Its Kevlar hull can stand up to some hard use.

A Red-Lantern Journey

Ontario's Lake of the Woods

Tom Pamperin had Ontario’s Lake of the Woods in his sights for years. When he finally got underway at a launch ramp on the lake’s eastern shore, he was eager to venture into the maze of islets ahead of him and in no hurry to get back.

Show Horses and Work Horses

Variations on the Krenov style

These do-it-yourself sawhorses can serve a lot of different purposes in the shop. They’re easy to build, quite solid, and you can make them to be taken apart to get them out of the way when they’re not needed.


A PFD with plenty of pockets

The Odyssey from Northwest River Supplies is a Type III PFD that’s comfortable to wear, even in hot weather, and equipped with lots of pockets and attachment points for keeping essential gear on your person.

GasOne’s Mini

A dual-fuel camp stove

Stoves that use gas cannisters are convenient to use and well suited to meals that require careful cooking. The GasOne Mini is a good deal more compact than the standard stove of its type and takes both butane and propane cannisters.


A Caledonia Yawl

Martin Casey was a rebellious teenager who often butted heads with his father, James, and it was only near the end of James’s life that the two were able to bridge the distance between them. The boat that Martin built after his father’s death revealed their common interest in the Caledonia Yawl.

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