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In our September issue we invite you to settle in aboard a solar-power, strip-built launch for a quiet 240-mile cruise along Ontario’s Trent-Severn Waterway. We’ll take look at Campion’s Apple 16, a lug-rigged lapstrake plywood dayboat that can get up on a plane as well as Oughtred’s Auk, a lapstrake tender that can be stretched out to be an capable dinghy for oar and sail. Ben Fuller shows us pneumatic trailer-jack wheels that make it easy to move a boat trailer across your back yard and Kent Lewis adds a cyclone separator to his Shop-Vac to simplify dust collection in the shop. In Greenville, North Carolina, a high school found a way to keep a highly regarded English teacher from retiring: they built a shop for him and let him teach boatbuilding. Our editor tells about parting company with an important part of his past—a traditionally built Alaskan hunting kayak that has been with him for 40 years.

Hooper Bay

It’s easy to feel a connection with a boat, especially one that you’ve built or spent a lot of time with, or both. But if there comes a time when it sits idle for a long time, someone else might get more use of it and appreciate it more and it may be best to put it up for sale. Our editor parts with the Hooper Bay kayak he built 40 years ago but holds on to the memories.

Campion’s Apple 16

Light, fast, and well mannered

The Apple 16 is a stitch-and-glue plywood dayboat designed by Thomas Dunderdale of Campion Sail and Design. It has classic lines, a jaunty plumb bow, and a traditional balanced lug yawl rig, but a flat aft section of the hull allows the boat to get up on a plane.

Oughtred’s Auk

An adaptable tender

Iain Oughtred’s Auk is one of several plywood lapstrake dinghies that is well suited to recreational rowing and sailing as well as serving as a tender to a larger vessel. While the shortest version of the Auk is 7’11”, the plans can easily be stretched a foot or more longer.

Running on Sunshine

The Trent-Severn Waterway under solar power

Phil Boyer likes exploring the many inland waterways of southern Ontario and can cruise all day without raising a sail, breaking a sweat, or burning fossil fuel. His strip-built launch, SOL CANADA, has an electric motor and a canopy covered with solar cells. We tag along for his 337-mile solo on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

Four Practical Tips

We have four new tips on tap: coiling tie-down straps, folding tarps, using IKEA wooden bed slats for a small-boat sleeping platform, and putting a portable thickness planer on wheels to handle long stock in a short shop.

Rolling Relief for Boat Trailers

Dual pneumatic jack-stand tires

The small wheel on a trailer’s jack stand may function well enough on smooth pavement, but on sand and soil it will plow when you want it to roll. A pair of wheels with 10” pneumatic tires will make moving a trailer much easier.

Dust Deputy Cyclone Separator

Oneida's Dust Deputy

Shop vacuums are useful tools for gathering the wood chips and dust produced by power tools, but cleaning the filters is a messy chore and collection bags can get expensive. The Dust Deputy dumps the debris into a bucket before it even gets to the vacuum.

The Kingfisher Elective

A class in boatbuilding

Glenn Joyner was ready to retire after a 43-year-long career as an educator, but the school was reluctant to let him go. Glenn floated an idea: “Build me a boatshop on campus and let me teach boatbuilding instead of English.” The school agreed to his terms and now students have an elective in boatbuilding. Glen-L’s Kingfisher 18 is the latest boat to emerge from the shop.

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