October 2019 Archives - Small Boats Magazine

In our October issue We tag along with Phil Boyer again, this time canoeing the Barron River of Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park. Sam Devlin’s cozy gaff cutter, the Song Wren, and Iain Ougthred’s lovely faering, the Elf, are the subjects of our boat Profiles. Ben Fuller offers two easily released systems for securing a small boat’s main sheet, and our editor shows four ways to take a good look at what’s hidden underwater beneath boats and docks. If you happen to see something on the bottom that you’d like to have, we cover two grappling hooks. An inexpensive circular-saw-blade sharpener we put to the test failed to live up to its diamond-encrusted promise. Richard Nissen, boating on the River Thames in the Wind-in-the-Willows neighborhood of Ratty and Mole, shows us his latest build, a George Putz kayak.