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In the August issue, the Boat Profiles take a close look at Ken Bassett’s Firefly for sliding-seat rowing, and Cornish Crabber’s Shrimper 19 for coastal cruising. Two friends, each aboard his own canoe yawl, sailed from Chesapeake Bay up the Choptank River along a route once traveled by 19th-century cargo schooners. A folding outboard motor stand is our do-it-yourself project; hearing protectors with radio and Bluetooth and a marlinespike knife with built-in pliers are our gear reviews. Our Reader Built Boat is a sailing peapod built by a retired signmaker and his granddaughters and our editor cools off during a heat wave by recalling a kayaking adventure in Greenland.


Chilling memories

In the midst of a heatwave in Seattle, fond memories of kayaking among icebergs and glaciers in Greenland 20 years ago help bring the temperature down.

Shrimper 19

A trailer sailer from Cornish Crabbers

Built in Britain by Cornish Crabbers, the Shrimper 19 is a fiberglass production boat with a traditional lapstrake look, a gaff-sloop rig, and a flush-deck cabin.


Grace and ease in a quickly built hull

The 18’ Firefly is a performance rowing boat that has a combination of stability and speed that’s well suited for novices getting into sliding-seat rowing.

Sailing to Denton

Two canoe yawls on the Choptank River

Two 18’ Autumn Leaves canoe yawls follow in the wake of 19th century cargo schooners to ascend Maryland’s Choptank River under sail and oar.

A Folding Outboard Stand

An easy, inexpensive shop project

A folding, shop-made stand makes it easy to work on a small outboard motor and then can be stowed out of the way when it’s not needed.

Sailor’s Tool

Myerchin's rigger's knife with pliers

Rigging knives usually have a blade for cutting cordage and a marlinspike for splicing lines. The Sailor’s Tool has pliers that make it even more useful.


Hearing protection with radio and Bluetooth

Hearing protection is essential for working with power tools. WorkTunes muffs have a 24 dB noise reduction rating and have a built-in AM/FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity.


A peapod built by family and friends

In retirement, Richard Honan of Winthrop, Massachusetts, turned his attention to building boats and spending time with his grandchildren. A peapod is the latest family-built boat.

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