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Standing Water

Swell on the Adriatic Sea coming from two directions and rebounding off the cliffs of an island off the Croatian coast created a chaotic sea and an unusual phenomenon—spike waves.


A Welsford double-ender

For the Sei, a 14’ 7” double ender, John Welsford found inspiration in the workboats of Norway’s southern fiords. He took away the keel, gave the hull a flat, beach-friendly bottom, and kept weight to a minimum with glued-lapstrake plywood construction.

Whitehall 17

A classic form, strip-built, from Glen-L

Glen-L is well known for designs for plywood boat building, but their 17’ Whitehall is designed to be strip planked. The lightweight cedar hull is easily driven, runs straight, and can easily sustain 4 knots with a solo rower at the oars.

Downriver, Part 1

Rowing the Upper Mississippi

When David Hudson built a 17’ dory in his back yard last summer, he had in mind to row and sail it the 1,800 miles of the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to the Gulf of Mexico. The journey was not about racking up miles but gathering experience and memories.

Screws canhold work pieces together in areas where clamps can't reach and fender washers spread the pressure of a wide area, minimizing the damage to the wood and helping prevent splits in lumber.

Fender Washers

Beyond the reach of clamps

You can never have too many clamps, but there are some jobs that clamps simply can’t do. Screws and fender washers put the pressure on those places where clamps can’t reach.


Better breathing for the bearded

Airborne dust in the shop poses a real health threat, but bearded boatbuilders won’t get adequate protection from a face mask if it doesn’t provide a good seal. The Resp-O-Rator solves the problem with a mouthpiece like that used with a snorkel.

The lights come with either suction cups, as seen here, or with clamps.

Portable Running Lights

LED lights from Innovative Lighting

A lot of small boats aren’t wired with electrical systems, so battery-powered running lights are in order for traveling at night. We take a look at a set from Innovative Lighting.

With JIM crewed by his friends, Peter takes JIM's helm for her first sail.

Craftsmanship and Courage

Peter Sibley

Peter Sibley is an Australian boatbuilder who revels in all of the tasks and tools that go into a boatbuilding project. His Jim, a canoe yawl design from Selway-Fisher, give us a look at the work Peter does, with a little help from his friends.

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