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Caring for Tools

A tool that gets handed down from a friend or a family member is likely to have a special place in the shop. More important than its usefulness is the story comes with it, linking the user to someone remembered fondly. Do other tools also have stories to tell?

Classic 17

A snug outboard from Bateau.com

The Classic 17, a design for homebuilders from Bateau.com, is a compact outboard cruiser with a 1950s vibe and contemporary stitch-and-glue plywood construction.

Morbic 11

A new Vivier design

Gary Brown asked François Vivier if his Morbic 12 could be built strip-planked rather than lapstrake plywood, and he replied: “Yes, with some modification.” The simple question inspired a thorough redesign and the creation of the Morbic 11.

Missouri Breaks

Under solar power in Montana

Rick Retzlaff, an engineering professor, needed a project to keep him happily and productively occupied during a long Saskatchewan winter, so he devised a solar-powered micro-cruiser. The build and sea trials were a success and he set out for a solo cruise on the Missouri River through the Montana countryside.

The larger screen is much easier to read than the screen of a handheld GPS. The box makes the unit self contained and portable.

Boxing a Bigger GPS

A bit bigger, a lot better

A handheld GPS is a valuable tool for the small-boat cruiser, but its small screen can be hard to read. Ben Fuller took a larger GPS that’s meant to be built into a console, combined it with a waterproof box and battery, and made a system that’s nearly as portable as a handheld and much more practical.

Trailer Guide Posts

Less drama at the ramp

Trailer guide posts can be your new best friend at the ramp when you’re on your own and struggling to get your boat lined up on the trailer and operate the winch at the same time.

A 1″ x 30″ belt sander

Just 20 seconds to change belts

A 1”x 30” belt sander is a small benchtop machine that can not only handle woodworking projects too small for other power tools, but also work metal from rough shaping to polishing.

Jon followed the advice of Spring River Boatworks and installed folding outrigger rowlocks. They each add 4" to the span, allowing the use of longer oars for a more comfortable stroke.

A Boat of His Own

A square-stern wood-and-canvas canoe

Jon Wiegand built canoes for his kids and a kayak for his wife before he gave much thought to a boat for himself. With the three strip-building projects to his credit, he decided to raise the stakes and build a wood-and-canvas canoe and the form the traditional construction requires.

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