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An inflatable kayak and a classic modern-construction tender are this month’s Boat Profiles. Affordable sails and a contemporary take on the traditional sou’wester are featured in our Product Reviews and a camp seat that’s easy to sew and carry is the focus of our Technique article. A British Columbia cruiser fond of long days of rowing contemplates life afloat after being diagnosed a heart condition. Built by a group of retired friends, a Flyer 15 hydroplane designed by Bruce Crandall in the 1930s is our Reader Built Boat. Our editor takes a liking to a fourth-hand lapstrake canoe made by a forgotten amateur builder.


A lapstrake canoe with a lost lineage

When a Piccolo canoe, given up by a couple moving to a new home, became the latest addition to his fleet, our editor grew to appreciate its unknown builder.

Lawton Tender by Newfound Woodworks

A classic tender for strip-plank construction

Newfound Woodworks’ 10’ cedar-strip tender is a reworking of the classic Charlie Lawton design of the early 1900s. The update retains the performance qualities of the original and is available as a kit for at-home builders without an extensive range of power tools.

AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak

An inflatable kayak with fine paddling qualities

The inflatable AdvancedFrame Sport Kayak is designed for the paddler who doesn’t want to deal with cartopping but is still looking for good on-water performance.

The Heart of a Cruiser

One man's journey from long-distance rowing to shorter motor-sailing cruises

For many years, Alex Zimmerman has enjoyed long-distance solo rowing adventures along the British Columbia coast, but he was forced to rethink both the boat and the voyage plans when he was diagnosed with AFib.

A Canvas Lounger

A simple sewing project for comfort in camp

Two short pieces of wood and a quickly hemmed piece of fabric make it easy to relax ashore, sitting with legs stretched out and your back supported.

An RSS Lugsail

Mayfly 14 Pierce Expedition from Really Simple Sails

Finding sails for small boats is not always easy. Really Simple Sails is filling a gap in the market with well-built and affordable stock and custom sails.


A traditional sou’wester from the Pacific Northwest

The Nor’wester from Best Coast Canvas keeps your head dry and warm and might have stepped out of a 19th-century Winslow Homer painting.

The Tuesday Group Builds a Boat

Building the Crandall Flyer 15

For the companionship, the challenge, and the want of another interesting project, a group of woodworking friends stayed together to build a Crandall Flyer 15.

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