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Do tools make the man? Bandsaws are very useful, if not essential, tools for building boats. They can shape wood and might just have the potential to shape lives. Our editor recalls the bandsaws in his life.


Classic form in plywood

The Ilur is the most popular of François Vivier’s sail-and-oar boats and has classic form designed for modern computer-assisted design and glued lapstrake plywood construction. His plans offer several options for the sailing rig.

Nauset Marsh Skiff

Console and casting platforms

The Nauset Marsh Skiff, a 16’ stitch-and-glue outboard fishing boat, was designed and built by Walter Baron of Old Wharf Dory for working shallow waters.

The Voyage of the MARY SAVAGE

Memories of boyhood

Nick Blake was 10 years old when his father launched a 31’ boat reminiscent of a 16th century caravel. Nick, his father, and his mother set out from Vicksburg on the Mississippi River with no particular destination in mind. The family cat, Luciano, caught up with the Blakes in the Delta.

The authors restore old Sunfish, and Kent is a pilot, so a combination insignia is in the works.

Insignia Sailcloth

Adhesive adornment

You might not need a number and a logo on your mainsail to set your boat apart from others, but you can add a distinctive decorative touch with adhesive-backed sailcloth. It’s easy to apply and needs no sewing.

The Force dollies can be plugged into a trailer's 12-v, electrical system is it's a camper trailer. Adding a battery box, as seen here, makes the unit self-contained.

Force 5K Power Dolly

A power dolly from Parkit360°

Trailers carrying heavy boats can be difficult if not impossible to move by hand. The Force 5K power dolly from Parkit360° can move your trailer in tight quarters where there’s not enough room for your vehicle.

The nylon head has enough weight to make quick work of punching holes and setting grommets yet it won't damage the tools.

Barry King Hammer-Style Mallet

More than setting grommets

With its nylon head and leather-and-brass handle, the 48-oz Hammer-style Mallet from Barry King Tools is ideal for setting grommets as well as doing many other jobs in the boatshop and it’s as pretty as it is persuasive.

Harry takes his canoe to many riverside gatherings and lets people give it a try.

A Sturgeon-Nose Canoe

Tradition brought forward

The Sinixt, a First-Nations people of southwest British Columbia and northern Washington, developed sturgeon-nosed canoes with reversed prows for traveling and fishing the rivers lakes of their homeland. When Paul Montgomery was asked by a member of the Sinixt tribe to build a reproduction of the canoe, he set his other projects aside and went right to work.

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