The final week on the Danube brought Finn and Teresa to a short-cut to the Black Sea. Small boats aren’t allowed on the 40-mile-long canal, so they hitched a ride aboard a cargo-carrying motor barge. Join them for their last miles as they relaunch JILL at the end of the canal and row on the Black Sea under sunny skies.

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  • Craig Vogt says:

    Great job! Wish I were young and could do this trip. Back in 1966 when we were married we had a smaller adventure: We taught on Guam where we lived on a beach and built an outrigger canoe that we used inside the reef and over the reef in very deep clear water.
    Did Asian travel by air. For our 53 years of marriage we did river canoe trips, Isle Royale (Lake Superior), owned and sailed three different boats, built a 21’ Redwing to do Chesapeake Bay, sold it. We currently boat San Juan Islands up 150 miles into Canada.
    Trailer to Chesapeake Bay and many rivers in between. We have opted for more comfort with a C-Dory Venture 23 the last 5 years. And we’re supporters of “Sail Like a Girl” and watched them start in R2AK 2019.

    However, do trips like the Black Sea one while you can. Enjoyed the video.

    Best wishes

  • randall Spurr says:


  • Joel Gregory says:

    An amazing adventure! Way to go! Thanks for bringing us along and sharing it with us.

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