GogglesPSProtecting your eyes is one of the first rules of working with machinery. Tools that operate at high speeds—table saws, routers, drill presses, sanders, etc.—throw particles far enough and fast enough to cause serious injuries to your eyes. They can also create a lot of dust that may be only an irritant to your eyes but harmful to your lungs. When I’m working with power tools I wear a dust mask and safety glasses, but the two don’t work well together. A lot of warm, moist air flows up from the mask and fogs the safety glasses. I can’t work safely or accurately with my vision obscured, so I have to stop and wipe the fog away. I occasionally catch myself peeping under the safety glasses—a dangerous practice.Safety glasses are fairly effective in blocking particles propelled directly at the eyes, but I’ve had bits of wood ricochet off my cheeks into my eyes. Routers can unleash a torrent of wood dust that swirls around safety glasses and into my eyes. Afterwards I dab mud out of the corners of my eyes.DeWalt’s Concealer looks like ski goggles rather than safety glasses. The soft rubber seal provides a comfortable fit on my face. I haven’t yet taken a good whack to my face while wearing the Concealer, but the soft, cushioned frame is easily going to be much less painful than rigid safety glasses have been when that has happened to me in the past. The strap keeps the Concealer in place—it won’t slip down a sweaty nose—and doesn’t interfere with the pads of my hearing-protection earmuffs.

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