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Paul Gartside’s Centerboard Sloop and an outboard pleasure cruiser from Giesler and Sons are the November Boat Profiles. Space-saving sectional carbon-fiber oars and collapsible water bags are featured in our Reviews. Three simple cinches provide ways for holding and compressing bundles. Our Reader Built Boat is a sleek Rangeley Lake Boat that will ply the North Channel waters around a family cabin in Ontario. Our editor brings a discarded Piccolo lapstrake canoe home.


A Piccolo lapstrake canoe made by an unknown builder falls into the editor's hands.

Centerboard Sloop #226A

A new traditional rig on a proven Gartside hull

Paul Gartside’s 16′ Centerboard Sloop was designed as a daysailer and cruiser for one or two. There are three options for sailing rigs, including a gaff main with topsail.

Georgian Bay

An affordable strip-built pleasure cruiser from B. Giesler and Sons

The Georgian Bay, an 18′ pleasure cruiser, is designed and built in Powassan, Ontario, by Giesler and Sons, a third-generation shop with over a century of experience building sturdy cedar-strip boats.


A race of endurance in the Pacific Northwest

Sam Hendrix entered the SEVENTY48 for a second time in 2022 and rowed solo from Tacoma to Port Townsend, covering roughly 70 miles of Washington’s Puget Sound.

Quick Cinches

Better than bungees, cheaper than straps

For rolled-up sails and inflatable pads, tarps and sleeping bags, these three simple cinches are easy to use.

Collapsible Water Bags

Convenient water-carriers from WaterStorageCube

How far you can cruise often is a function of how much potable water you can carry aboard. Collapsible bags from WaterStorageCube can fit in odd spaces and take up less room as they’re emptied.

XPL Oars

Carbon-fiber sectional oars from Duckworks

The stout but feather-light carbon-fiber oars from Duckworks not only make rowing easier but also can be separated into sections to take up much less room when stowed.


Building a rowboat for the family

Steve Petty had built two skiffs, one for himself and one for his son; when he was looking for an excuse to build another boat, he recalled a conversation he’d had with his daughter years ago.

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