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The design of a visor once used by Aleut hunters proves its worth as headgear for small-boat cruising. We take a close look at the Jiffy V-22, an outboard cabin cruiser by Arch Davis and the Sandpiper, an easily built skiff for sail and oar. Two doctors on vacation take us sailing along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Our trailer experts offer tips for getting trailered boats ready for the road and a veteran coastal cruiser reviews trekking umbrellas and the Swedish Trangia camp stove. Our Reader Built Boat is a stylish outboard skimmer made from a single sheet of plywood.


The Aleut bentwood visors of Andrew Gronholdt

The baidarkas built by Aleut hunters were extraordinarily sophisticated vessels; the bentwood visors they wore, called chagudax̂, were no less elegant in their design and inspired our editor to make a version for cruising.

Jiffy V-22

An outboard cruiser with a lobsterboat look

The Jiffy V-22, designed by Arch Davis, is an outboard-powered V-bottom cabin cruiser with comfortable accommodations for two and a cockpit roomy enough for several guests.


An easily built skiff for sail and oar

Conrad Natzio’s Sandpiper is a 14’ skiff for oar and sail that’s designed for quick construction by amateur builders. Its removable leeboard keeps the cockpit clear to make more room for the crew.

A Gulf Coast Cruise

By sail and motor from Florida to Mississippi

Two doctors, both feeling worn out by the pandemic, took a well-deserved break to cruise over 300 miles on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. They sailed open water when they could and reluctantly resorted to motoring the Intracoastal Waterway when they had to.

Boat Trailering Tips

Safe towing to the ramp and back

If spring is your time to hit the road with your boat in tow, Kent and Audrey Lewis will guide you through taking a look at your trailer to make sure it will get you and your boat to the launch site safely.

EuroSchirm Trekking Umbrellas

Shelter on board and ashore

For those times when a hat or a hood just isn’t enough protection from the sun or the rain, an umbrella can give you just the right amount of shelter underway in your boat or exploring the shore.

Trangia Stove

A multi-fuel camp stove

Trangia first developed their wind-proof camp stove in 1951 and now, seven decades later, the original design is still in production along with refinements that allow it to use several types of fuel.


On plane with a single sheet of plywood

Riley Hall, a shipwright leading the restoration of a 96-year-old purse seiner, spent his free time recently designing and building an outboard skiff that required only one sheet of plywood to build and could get on plane with a 2.5-hp outboard.

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