May 2020 Archives - Small Boats Magazine

As many of us are boating less and staying home more during the pandemic, we have focused some attention on the workshop and review a handy bevel gauge that fits small spaces and an apron that keeps the tools you need most often where you can get to them without looking. Our technique article about building a tool tote can provide you with a project that can be as simple or as complex as you like. The engaging tale of two ill-fated entrants in the 2019 Race to Alaska should provide a welcome distraction from the news. For our Boat Profiles, we take a look at a classic, the Grumman 17’ Double Ender aluminum canoe, and Arch Davis’s Laughing Gull, a contemporary sharpie that can fly downwind. Our Reader Built Boats, a coracle and a curragh, were built by grade-school kids in a Portland, Oregon, using locally harvested materials. Our editor, under a state-wide Stay-Home order, has spent a lot of time in his shop doing projects that didn’t really need doing.