Built here at the WoodenBoat School, our Joel White & N.G. Herreshoff designed Catspaw Dinghy is an all-purpose boat that’s easy to row and sail. The Catspaw Dinghy is a popular boatbuilding project for amateur builders; it represents classic, small-craft construction.

Catspaw Dinghy

Joel White’s Catspaw Dinghy is an adaptation of Nathanael Herreshoff’s Columbia Dinghy.

JESSE performs best under fairly sizable oars — 7½′ or better—and has two rowing stations.

The Catspaw Dinghy is an easy boat to trailer or haul on the back of a pickup truck.


Plans for Joel White & N.G. Herreshoff’s Catspaw Dinghy are available from The WoodenBoat Store.