The TWSBA Steering Committee has reached out to say that there are regional meetings coming up in 2018, and they’re looking for a few things. Get involved with this great organization by taking part. They say:

  • They need your input for planning.
  • They need you to present and share the work you’re doing.
  • And, they need you to show up.

New England—July 28 in Boston (It’s really soon!)
Contact: Kelly Crawford,
Here’s a link to their flyer.

Mid-Atlantic—November 3 in Philadelphia
Contact: Gary Lowell,

Great Lakes—In October
Contact: Bill Nimke,

Northwest—Planning an event in the Fall
Contact: Robin Mills

Bay Area—October 18, Berkeley
Contact: Inka Petersen,

South—Still trying to see if there is “critical mass”
Contact: Maury Kaiser,

Canada—November 3rd in Halifax