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The Waterlust Sailing Canoe from Chesapeake Light Craft and the Scout 10 sailing dinghy from Duckworks are featured in this month’s Boat Profiles. Some classic cast-bronze brackets for boat covers and an innovative marine GPS are evaluated in our Product Review pages, while an inventive cart designed for moving canoes and kayaks across all terrains is described in our Technique feature. A solo paddler takes his canoe along the full length of the Erie Canal, once busy with commercial traffic but now thriving as a recreational waterway. A first-time boatbuilder constructs a diminutive lapstrake dinghy from kit parts rescued from a dumpster and our editor takes advantage of a rainy day to paddle his coracle.


A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

On a dull and rainy afternoon, an outing with a coracle and an umbrella provided a restorative break from a day spent indoors.


Waterlust Sailing Canoe

Chesapeake Light Craft’s versatile canoe for paddle or sail

Inspired by the sailing canoes of the 19th century, the Waterlust from Chesapeake Light Craft can be paddled, pedaled, or sailed, and is designed for high-performance expedition cruising but is still well suited to a gentle afternoon outing.


The Scout 10

The “smallest camp-cruising sailboat” from Duckworks

The new Duckworks sailing dinghy, the Scout 10, is within the reach of first-time builders and has some innovative construction techniques to make the boat light and strong.


The Erie Canal by Canoe

A solo voyage along the 19th-century commercial waterway

Hugh Rand launched his solo canoe at the westernmost end of the Erie Canal and paddled the 363 miles to its easternmost end. The 19-day voyage took him through 19 guard gates and 35 locks.


All-Terrain Carts

A home-built go-anywhere cart

Canoes and kayaks can be paddled in many out-of-the-way places, and carts that roll over soft sand and loose rock as easily as if on pavement can get them there with ease.



A glare-free GPS for small boats

The Maptattoo marine GPS was designed by and for small-boat users. Its glare-free screen can be read in any light, its battery is long-lasting, and it can be operated in rain and spray.


Boat Cover Batten Sockets

Cast-bronze fittings bring stability to cover battens

An innovative piece of hardware sits in standard oarlock plates to create a stable bracket for anchoring batten supports for small-boat covers.


From the Dumpster to the Launching Ramp

A rescued kit becomes a much-loved family boat

When Polly Robinson was offered a lapstrake plywood dinghy kit that was about to be thrown out, she didn’t hesitate. She took it home and built the boat for her family.

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