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The Petrel Play SG by Guillemot Kayaks and the Cygnet 20 by Bluewater Cruising Yachts are the subjects of this month’s boat profiles. A Southeast Alaska couple, Dave Zeiger and Anke Wagner, welcome us aboard their 24′ sail-and-oar liveaboard MUSTELID. Our gear reviews feature a plywood kit toolbox and trailer guidepost lights. We look into the functions and uses of neodymium magnets. Our editor spends an afternoon with his son on Seattle’s Duwamish River and this issue’s Reader Built Boat is a series of canoes that span 65 years of a Buffalo, New York, man’s life.


Seattle’s Duwamish River

An industrial river, a muddy island, and an unseasonably cold downpour were the unlikely makings of a pleasant afternoon outing.

Cygnet 20

A trailer-sailer ideal for gunkholing

Designed and built in New South Wales, Australia, this versatile cruiser blends modern construction with traditional influences.

Petrel Play SG

A kit-built kayak with range and versatility

The Petrel Play SG suits a wide range of paddling skills, can be used in calm waters and surf alike, and has sufficient cargo space for multi-day trips.


An unconventional Alaskan camp-cruiser

A couple in Southeast Alaska built a 24’ sail-and-oar plywood cruiser to pursue a life among the islands and waterways that are their home.

Magnet Retrieval

The powerful pull of neodymium

It’s not unusual to drop things overboard at a dock or a launch ramp. A retrieval magnet can help get some of them back.

Seavolt LED Tail Lights

Trailer guidepost lights for improved visibility

The tail lights on small trailers are often obscured by the boat being carried. These LED lights solve the problem and fit most standard trailer posts.

The CLC Tool Box Kit

A plywood tool-tote kit from Chesapeake Light Craft that’s a snap to assemble

A well-organized tote for storing and carrying tools for building, repairing, and maintaining boats as well as doing household chores is easily assembled from Chesapeake Light Craft’s Tool Box Kit.

Sharing a Sense of Freedom

Building canoes to give away

John Lloyd was introduced to canoeing 65 years ago and his love of paddling has grown to the point that he is driven to build canoes to kindle that love in others.

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