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Posted 3 days ago

Never used this cream colored sail. Has 5 Reef points and 18" panels. The dimensions are : Luff , 5′1" , Foot 9'7", Head 9'1",...

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Posted 1 day ago

This model Neptune was made in 1954. It is 1.7 horsepower. Completely stock as from the factory. Produced in Muncie, Indiana the year before the...

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Two British Seagull Outboards. Both were rebuilt about 12 years ago. Long Shaft /Forty Plus 2-3 HP Short Shaft /Featherweight 2HP with newer plastic fuel...

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Build your own small boat solar charged bilge pump, the EasyBailer, from plans supplied by the designer. Cost is a minimum $25 donation to prostate...

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Boatbuilding LUMBER. 75 foot red elm milled late July. 700-900 BF. Natural crooks. Quarter saw for wooden blocks. Spalted maple slabs, walnut. Inquire for particulars....

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Posted 5 days ago

This is designed for antique outboard motors because the motor mounting plate is only 2 inches wide.  My guess is that small outboards of the...

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