Sliding seat wherry "Fine"

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“Fine” is 18′ LOA and 35″ beam, built in yellow and red cedar strip, EcoPoxy, and fiberglass, with Beech trim and fixtures. She comes in at 55 lbs for the bare hull (rigger and sliding seat remove) to make her easily car-top able, and includes a pair of carbon fiber sculling oars. Flotation is provided by air chambers bow and stern, with access ports so they can double as storage. Finish is System III WR-LPU for tough u-v protection and a full-length brass half-oval protects the stem and keel.

The sliding seat hardware is Latanzo, on a hand-built rack,and the rigger is tig-welded aluminum, and the position can be adjusted to fit the rower. Oarlocks and pins are also standard sculling parts adjustable for height and span.

I have rowed the prototype in every season, for five years, and it is a fast, stable boat. My evening rows, usually average 4 knots, and peak over 6. I’m sure that someone with greater fitness could see averages closer to 6 and peaks of 7 .

I can deliver to metro Vancouver, or the boat can be picked up at my shop on the sunshine coast. My website has contact and location info.


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13209 Porters Rd. Madeira Park, BC Canada North America,V0N 2H1 604-741-4272 *****

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