Parker Dinghy Wooden Rowboat

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  • Length: 14′ 8″
  • Beam: 4′ 8″

This carvel planked rowboat was built in Chimacum, WA in 2016 to professional standards. She was designed by Linden Parker of Deer Island, New Brunswick in the 1940’s. It has been used very lightly and is in essentially new condition. Her keel, deadwood, and sternpost are of Western Larch. The stem is a grown Black Locust crook. She is planked with Western Red Cedar, and Alaskan Yellow Cedar(top two strakes for added stiffness and durability) over steam-bent White Oak frames. The transom is Sapele, as well as the breasthook, quarter knees, and gunwales. Her planking and gunwales are copper riveted, and is fastened with Silicon Bronze elsewhere. Her stem and keel are protected along their full length by a brass half-oval that leads into a brass flat bar at the keel.

This rowboat performs very nicely, with all around good characteristics. With a fairly deep keel she tracks well, and is a pleasure to row. She has two rowing stations, not for two people to row at once, but so that the rower can trim the boat as needed. The boat comes with a brand new EZ-Loader trailer, and a brand new pair of Ash 8′ Shaw & Tenney flat blade oars.

The plans came from Harry Bryan, a renowned builder of small wooden boats in Letete, New Brunswick who had this to say about the Parker Dinghy:

“Built about 1945 by Linden Parker on Deer Island, New Brunswick, this is one of the most handsome and able dinghys produced in an area renowned for its boatbuilding. Few if any plans were ever made of these boats as designs were produced from half models or from molds and patterns passed from one builder to another. This is an excellent, large capacity rowing boat.”

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