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Jim Michalak AF3 16' Sharpie

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This is a Michalak AF3 Sharpie for sale. It needs a little work. The bottom chine rails need retaping (fiberglassing). I would consider glassing the bottom while you’re at it if you plan on beaching her. Boat comes with a trailer. The mast needs replacing, I have the old one as a pattern and I have the complete set of plans too. I do not have sails but you could rig up a balanced lug sail and mast pretty reasonably. To build this boat from scratch, it would take you about $3000 plus a couple of hundred hours of time to build but, you could repair this boat at a fraction of the cost and just a little bit of time by comparison. If you’re a fan of Phil Bolger and Jim Michalak, this boat is for you. Registration is current for both boat and trailer. Another bonus, it has a small Cuddy you could put a porta-potty, and/or small children in. No oars, no engine. The boat is located in Glendale California in greater Los Angeles and available only by local pick up, no shipping. I will not respond if your response seems like a scam. New owner must purchase directly, no third parties.

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735 Luton Dr.North America,91206 Show Phone Number ***** https://www.duckworks.com/product-p/jm-af3.htm

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