Egyptian Cotton Lug Sail

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This is a Nat Wilson sail which dates from the 80’s, I believe.  It has been stored in my shop the past 20 or so years. The sail is in very good condition with no rips/tears, repairs or other signs of damage. There is some discoloration from dust, age, etc. but I feel this would clean up nicely with a professional cleaning.  Nat suggested that I sell as is rather than clean it.

The sail is a boomless, standing lug type of approximately 65 sq. ft.  ( 39″ luff, 117″ head, 153″ leech, 105″ foot )

The luff and head are roped, as is the clew area, which terminate in a “rattail” finish.  There is a set of reef points, and I have included pictures showing reef points at luff and leech.  I have more pictures available upon request.

I have shown this type sail as it appears on a 16 ft. boat.


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