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Cardboard Canoe

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This ad is written to be fun. It’s tongue in cheek. It’s all true, in its way, and her all-natural build focus is deadly serious, but canoes are fun, Matis1 is cute, and I tried to describe her in the way I see best suited to her personality.

13ft solo, kneel in center or dbl paddle canoe. Homebuilt work of art. Designed to be all around boat, with focus on solo tripper for the experienced enthusiast. Rounded V hull requires integrating entire body to keep upright similar to white water kayak, but stays stable in turbulent waves, and paddles super fast. Low sheer works well in lake cross winds, full ends maintain carrying capacity and floatation in steep waves. The round bottom, which keeps wear from concentrating on a single point as would a keel, coupled with the V sides, which deflect boat away from rocks, combine to act as a keel: keeping this short, creek capable hull with 1/2in of rocker pointing like an arrow. Tumblehome sides for reduced paddle reach, large rubrails to maintain splash resistance. Her unique build wound up a bit wonky on one side, works better to paddle on right side most of time. 60lbs.

Construction is cardboard strips, paper mache, more cardboard strips. Exterior skin is canvas waterproofed and armored with shellac and beeswax, and interior skin is flannel filled w linseed oil paint. Gunnels are full length unscarfed ash with a cherry trim strip and steam bent inwales, thwarts are ash and steam bent cherry. Cardboard and paper mache structure functions similar to Royalex: gives way from rocks instead of cracking. Canoes like this should last a long time if treated like a wooden boat: cleaned after every use and oiled 1-2x/yr.


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