Adirondack Guide Boat

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This is the “Wren” 13 ft Allcock Mfg , Ossining, NY, Guide Boat made in the mid 1950’s. Fiberglass hull in very solid condition, white oak gunwales, seat frames and decks. All original bronze hardware. It rows  great, tracks well and handles wind & waves better than canoes I have paddled.  Also travels and launches easily with the Trailex all aluminum trailer. The only negative is that one oar has been roughly repaired. It rows fine but looks poor given the great condition of the rest of the boat. Seats have been recaned and wood finished with Total Boat wood finish. Hull I believe is original gel coat, with minor scratching but I have left it original inside & out. Ideal solo birding or fishing craft. We have used it w/two adults & a small dog with comfortable success. The price is $1850.

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