20' Sail and Oar Faering

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-20′ LOA, 4′-9″ Beam
-Hull Material: Western Red Cedar, 6oz S-glass, Epoxy
-Ready to Sail Weight: 270 pounds
-Power: Sail and Oar
-Year Built: 2016
-Clear Florida Title: Boat and Trailer

Look for a write up of this boat’s 2200+ mile journey in Small Boats Monthly: Four Oars and a Sail [https://smallboatsmonthly.com/article/7149/]

SØLVI’s Bio:

The boat you are looking at is very special. Not only to us, but her scantlings are very unique. Her hull lines are derived from the both of the Oselvar faerings, which are Norway’s own national one design traditionally built race boat and from the Gokstad burial faering, which was carefully measured and published. John Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft draws upon many years and many successful boat designs as well as these inspirational hull lines to draw a faering that is specifically tailored to the needs of the beach cruiser and performance sailor. She is 20ft in length and 4′-9″ at her widest point.

SØLVI was built by a professional fiberglass technician with a decade of experience in the medium. She was built of Western Red Cedar strips and sheathed in 6oz S-glass and epoxy. Although at an increase of expense, S-glass provides a 20% increase in all attributes of the fiberglass cloth by being produced with a much higher grade of glass fiber. The boat was built with a long expedition in mind and has many design features specifically for that purpose. The foredeck, aft deck and side decks to provide added safety and increase dry storage. As well as a designated space for a 2 burner propane stove and 2 full frame hiking packs. She also carries a pair of inflatable beach rollers which allow you to bring her up and down any beach or shore you choose. She can be camped in by turning her cockpit into a bed and has a respectable load capacity for all your gear.

Performance features include, matching true shape NACA 0012 foils for the both daggerboard and rudder. Adjustable full carbon sculling oars, complete with outriggers and ocean rowing blades (very similar to Sawyer brand). Hyper light yard and boom with a combined weight of only 6 pounds. Heat treated and pre-stretched Posh II running rigging, made of spun polyester for easy handling when wet and an attractive traditional look. The Balanced Lug sail that powers her is 125sqft with 3 reefs and was made in England by James Lawrence Sails of Clipper Cloth. This is very similar to North Sails Oceanis sail cloth. Clipper Cloth is made of spun polyester, for ease of handling and then heated and stretched similar to the Posh II line. Her biggest performance advantage is her weight: bare hull weight is 210 pounds and rig weight, including the mast, lines, blocks etc, is only 40 pounds, so ready to sail weight totals just under, 270 pounds. For comparison a plywood kit boat of the same design has an empty hull weight of 310 pounds.

SØLVI is, in our opinion, the ultimate beach and camping cruiser. She rows very efficiently and sails very well (hull speed is nearly 7 knots). She can be brought up above the tide with ease, slept in at anchor or on the beach and carries water, food, and supplies for two weeks for two people.

After she was built, we spend 3.5 months traveling from Wisconsin to Louisiana via the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers, a journey of 2,200+ miles. This includes 200+ miles of the Gulf Coast with much of our time spent in the open Gulf. After her return she was given a full refit with the benefit of our experience and dressed to impress for the benefit of her new owners. Solvi and our journey was featured in articles in the Star Tribune newspaper, Small Boats Monthly, and numerous small papers along the rivers.

SØLVI could easily be fit with sliding seats and her long length but light weight would make her a great Everglades Challenge racing boat. Or could be fitted with a motor.

Her trailer is custom fit for her and freshly refinished. Deliveries are negotiable. Clear title for boat and trailer. You can sail her away today!

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Solvi Build Time Lapse

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