March 2018

From The Editor


A Herreshoff in my childhood

Our editor recalls his father's Herreshoff Amphi-craft, a 13' sailing, rowing, and motoring dinghy designed by Captain Nat's eldest son, Sidney, and built during the Great Depression. The Herreshoff shop built only 17 of them and two of them were delivered to Everett, Washington. One of those two made a lasting impression on three young children.


Tiki 21

A Wharram catamaran

James Wharram is well known for his catamarans. His Tiki 21, designed in 1981, it took advantage of stitch-and-glue construction and has proved itself in ocean crossings and has remained a popular trailerable gunkholer.

It takes very little effort to get keep Ebb moving in excess of 4 knots.


Easy, efficient rowing

WINONA, a pulling boat built for a mountain lake in New York State's Adirondack Mountains, inspired Tom Regan, a boatbuilder living on the tidelands of Washington State, to create a version of his own. We take a look at the Ebb from Grapeview Point Boat Works.

From the Channel to the Med

Rowing the canals and rivers of France

Polly and Mat Hilton left their home in Devon, England, rowing and sailing a lapstrake skiff that Mat had built. Fifty-six days and 870 miles later they had crossed France by river and canal and reached the Mediterranean Sea.

This is one of a pair of oars that I built and equipped with copper tips in 1985. That winter they survived a 2,400-mile, 2-1/2 month row from Pittsburgh to Cedar Key, Florida. They've been in use on and off since then.

Copper Guards

Traditional protection for oars

Oar blades, ideally, should only come in contact with water, but they often do battle with rocks, sand, and barnacles in our comings and goings to and from landings. Copper tips will take the abuse and not show their age as easily as paint and varnish will.

Reader Built Boat

The Escargot plans include drawings and dimensions for a rudder, but BEULAH manages well enough being steered with the outboard


An Escargot with a difference

Curt White made a number of modifications to his Escargot to turn it into a roomy, well-furnished, and warm living room afloat. BEULAH takes Curt and his wife in style and comfort to the lakes near their home in the hills of western North Carolina.


The Buddy Heater will shut itself off if its sensor detects a drop in oxygen levels or if it tips over.

The Portable Buddy

Radiant heat for tents and cabins

It's easier to extend your small-boat cruising into the shoulder seasons when you have a way to stay warm when the weather turns chilly. The Portable Buddy from Mr. Heater uses standard 1-lb propane canisters to create radiant infrared heat to warm small cabins and tents.

Flexpoxy can be dispensed through a static mixer tip and emerge from the tip ready to use. The cartridge fits a standard caulking gun and takes XX pressure. The tip can't be allowed to sit idle for long—mixed epoxy with begin to cure and become too thick to flow. At the end of the job, the tip has to be discarded and a bit of epoxy goes with it.


A versatile epoxy

Pettit offers a multi-purpose epoxy that makes flexible bonds as well as fills that won't sag or shrink. Dispensed from a cartridge that fits common caulking guns, it is easy to dispense for jobs small and large.

News and Curiosities

Across the Bar: Dave Getchell, Sr., Founder of Maine Island Trail

David R. Getchell Sr., 89, author, editor and outdoorsman, died November 10, 2018. He was managing editor and editor of the Maine Coast Fisherman, National Fisherman, and founding editor of the Small Boat Journal and the Mariner's Catalog in Camden. Later, he co-founded the Maine Island Trail and created the Georges Highland Path, a 40-mile hiking trail system in the Midcoast, for Georges River Land Trust. In 1994, he edited and was lead author of The Outboard Boater's Handbook.

Teaching With Small Boats Association Wants YOU

The TWSBA Steering Committee has reached out to say that there are regional meetings coming up, and they're looking for a few things. Get involved with this great organization by taking part.

Glen-L’s Moving: We’d All Like to Go to Their Warehouse Sale

Heard through the grapevine thanks to editor Christopher Cunningham, Glen-L has announced an Office and Warehouse sale. Masts! Tools! Model boats! No prices, they're asking only for reasonable offers. Chris says, "If I were in the area I'd sure get there early."

Video: Popular Norwegian Video of John A. Andersen Now with English Subtitles

An inside look at boatbuilder John A. Andersen's pram-building class, and a portion of what KYSTEN is all about. New main titles in English serve to narrate unspoken portions where captioning helps the viewer understand the action, and of course there are new English subtitles for the various speakers.

Video: The Pirogue Maker, 1949

This 14-minute piece of vintage film shows Cajun craftsman making a pirogue the "old way": Hewn of a cyprus log by hand; probably the last pirogue made in this fashion.

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