July 2019

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Suitable for Framing

The forms of boats and the things that move them—sails, paddles, oars, and propellers—may be determined entirely by their function, but shapes dictated by the flow of wind and water have a clear aesthetic appeal. Our editor takes a look at the connection between boats and art.


O’Day Day Sailer

A proven performer for 61 years

Famed designers Uffa Fox and George O’Day teamed up in 1956 to create the O’Day Day Sailer. The first Day Sailer was sold in 1958 and immediately became popular in the recreational and racing markets, with over 10,000 boats hitting the waterways. It is a very versatile boat, easy to rig, sail, transport, and store.

Shenandoah Whitehall

Light enough to carry solo

Gentry’s Shenandoah Whitehall is a modern boat with traditional lines that’s large enough to take an adult and a kid camping, relatively seaworthy, efficient under oars, and light enough to toss on the roof of the car. For a few hundred dollars and a few dozen hours, it can provide a novice with both a manageable entry into boatbuilding and rowing adventures.

A Cartop Water Tank

Rinsing at the ramp

When you get back to the launch ramp after an outing, a quick fresh-water rinse of your boat and trailer, and even a warm shower, are possible if you make a pressurized, plastic-pipe water tank for your vehicle’s roof rack. Leave the salt and sand at the beach.

Dallying Downeast

Meandering the Maine coast by sea kayak

Michael and Rebecca Daugherty wanted to kayak the Maine coast and take their time doing it. They closed their business, sold their house, and meandered the length of the coast from Portland to the Canadian border—twice. They covered 600 miles before the end of summer nudged them ashore.

Reader Built Boat


College credit

Two industrial design students at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, furthered their education by designing and building a kayak. Their strip-built kayak is as much an artistic expression as a seaworthy vessel.


Quickloader Retractable Ratchet Straps

A better ratchet strap

Quickloader’s retractable ratchet straps are thoughtfully engineered and simple to use. The QL15 model has a reach of 12’ and neatly coils its 1” polyester webbing around a spring-loaded drum. The strap feeds out and retracts like a tape measure so there’s never any slack to get knotted, tangled, or twisted.

DeWalt’s Benchtop Planer

DeWalt's DW734

DeWalt’s DW734 bench-top planer can handle lumber up to 12” wide and 6” thick. Its three-blade cutter head spins at 10,000 rpm, making 96 cuts per inch. With powerful feed rollers, it can cut up to 1/8” in a single pass.

Follow 17-year-olds Finn Cameron-Turner and Tereza Deminova as they embark on a 3-month journey from Germany to Russia in a self-built boat, crossing Europe on inland waterways.

News and Curiosities

David W. Dillion Plans at Mystic Seaport’s Website

Thirty-seven drawings by David W. Dillion of 15 different designs have recently appeared on Mystic Seaport Museum's website.

VIDEO Small Boat Tour: ESCA, 15′ Christmas Wherry

Scott Williams brought ESCA, his impeccably built Christmas Wherry to exhibit among other small boats for "I Built It Myself." The sail-and-oar boat won Best in Show for owner-built boats in the Concours d'Elegance awards, and this video shows why.

Electric Fantail Launch DORA Available for Charter at The Center for Wooden Boats

CWB Charters aboard the fantail launch DORA is a new way to enjoy a picnic, take a tour, and explore Lake Union with up to six passengers with a licensed captain.

NOAA Releases New Version of Chart No. 1

The chart of charts has been updated. This article at NOAA's website details the revisions that appear in the new version.

Coast Guard Advises Labeling Paddlecraft, Free Labels Are Available

In the recent Atlantic Coastal Kayaker, they shared a couple of important advisories from the U.S. Coast Guard regarding free labels and what happens if they find a small boat unlabeled and unmanned.

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